The BBC recently released a documentary on one of my favorite human beings ever, Frederick “Toots” Hibbert of Toots and The Maytals.

Although the documentary is far to short for a fan like myself, and deprives me of a great deal of information regarding Toots’ early material- it is certainly a pleasant viewing.

One thing you will notice about every person they interview- including legends like Eric Clapton and Keith Richards- is that everyone is always smiling when they talk about Toots.

The documentary features some cool old footage and a lot of humorous antidotes; and of course, like any documentary about reggae, it includes a dozen Jamaican interviewees who are impossible to understand.

What is great about the movie is how straightforward it is in clarifying just how explosive a presence this reggae great was, and is.

I wholeheartedly recommend it.

*If you do decide to watch it and don’t know anything about Toots’ music- know that the documentary features a lot of music from his later years- which is all solid.  But if you want to drink form the fountain of youth and have your spirit defibrillated, you must go back to his early work.

Watch here:

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