An audible has been called regarding the approach of our new band; and you- the listener- may be interested in how this will affect you.

The bad news is that the Gilded Grit will not be releasing its first original album at the turn of the New Year, as was originally the plan.

The good news is that the Grit will be releasing a Prequel to the album- which will be available for free download on Thanksgiving Day, 2011.

This Prequel project will include deep-cut covers done in wild new ways. It will also involve a highly unique recording method aimed to distinguish our sound: we intend to use a singe mic for the entire process.

We believe by using this method we can capture the pure and authentic sound of a rock n’ roll band in its fetal stages. The dynamic will include the passion and revelry of live performance, as well as the precision and refinement of studio recording.

The material will pay homage to our deep-rooted foundation, and be a turbo-charged breath of electrified fresh air that we hope music lovers of all ages, sizes and styles will be excited about.

With this adjustment we can get more music to you faster, and for free.

We cannot wait to share our first efforts with you and know this will be the beginning of a wonderful adventure.

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