Pencils, stencils and t-squares are all on the table, the canvas is blank, and the wheels are in motion.

For weeks I have pondered and prepared, conjured and cajoled, dreamt and desired.

The time has come to commence my next artistic venture: Raw Dog.

As the title indicates, this forthcoming collection of music will be one of raw power and sensation.  It will be an electrified, hard-hitting catharsis of mojo might and gritty goodness.

Every fiber of my being will be put to use in creating this red-blooded, roaring exploration of soulful American muscle.

I intend to break the album up into two, or possibly three installments- all of which will be available over the next 20 months.

The first installment will be ready for you by the end of 2011.  The question is: will you be ready for it?

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