Beginning a new artistic project, especially one intended to be large in scale, is both daunting and enthralling.

If you are a confident artist, you have a glimmering and naïve notion that not only will you create something wonderful, but that the process will be a smooth and joyful jaunt through the park.

And just when things are peachy, the bird flying over you shits in your eyes and you slam into a tree full speed- leaving you dazed, blinded, and with no idea where you are or where you’re going.

But eventually you regain consciousness, wipe the shit from your eyes, and slowly but surely continue down the path you were on.

The highs and lows that come with genuine craftsmanship are inevitable and unforgiving- but it’s part of the gig and there’s no point in brooding over the nature of the process.

So let’s talk about what will come from the process this time around.

Without direct intent, my first album became a collection of songs that speaks from one individual to another.  Because I created Let the Big Dog Eat completely by myself, it quite naturally took on a very inward and self-cathartic identity.  It is probably most effective when enjoyed in the context of one soul to another.

My next effort- Raw Dog- will serve a much different purpose. .  It’s time for me to get the mojo bone out and start cracking people over the head with it.  Quite simply, I want to help the masses get their freak on like never before.

This album will be a dose of soulful adrenaline that makes feet move and bootys bounce.  It must be raw; it must be righteous; and it must be a mighty exaltation for wild-hearts to revel in for years to come.  Coming up short of this is not an option.

Raw Dog will be an ode to those who have brought me to the highest of highs.

In the coming weeks I will introduce you to the people who will be helping me in my quest.

Until then, stay hungry.

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